Video Slots

Video slots are the number one choice for most casino players. If you’re new to the world of online casino and never tried it before – you’re in for a treat!  Our team here at Dreamz Casino will guide you through all the basic so you can get off on a good start!

There are several reason why video slots grown so popular over the last couple of years. First and foremost, the variety of choices. The industry have been booming lately and you’ll find thousands of different slot machines so choose between. And new games pop-up every single week. So It feels safe to say that you will find a game that appeals to you, it’s just the matter of finding it. We’ll do our best to help you hunt down the best slot machine, so stay with us!

Apart from that, video Slots have amazing visual effect that takes the casino experience to a whole new level. The slots also have click-based elements, often during bonus game, that you as a player can interact with. So instead of only hit “SPIN” you now get a chance to be apart of the game in a whole new way.

There’s another major factor that makes player choose video slots over classic machines. Features and bonus games – let’s have a look at it!

Video Slots – Bonus Game

A bonus game is a special in-game features that usually is triggered when three bonus symbols appear on the same spin or on an active payline. During a bonus game you as player usually stand good chance to claim some extra winnings, but it all depends on which slot and bonus game you activated.

As stated earlier, video slots comes in a great variety – and same applies to bonus games.  Even if if most slots have the same basics, each game have their own unique touch, and the bonus game will vary depending upon which slot machine you play.

Common Bonus Games

Click Based Bonus: A click based bonus is exactly what it sound like. You’ll get a chance to find money or claim a jackpot by clicking on objects to reveal the hidden treasure behind it. The video slot Hall of Gods is an example of a machine that offers that bonus.

hall of gods video slots

Bonus Wheel: A classic one. If you’ve ever seen any game show on television (wheel of fortune) with a big wheel where people have a chance to win money, you will recognize this form of bonus game. The popular jackpot slot Mega fortune have this bonus game, where your goal is to work your way all the way into the middle to claim the multi million jackpot.

Mega fortune video slot

Free spins + Feature: Another bonus game format that’s quite common is when you get 5-20 free spins with some special features included. Usually a multiplier or/and extra wilds in each reel. A perfect example of that is the video slot Secret Of The Stones. It’s a fuse between a click-based bonus and a free spin bonus. Click on the stones to reveal whats feature is hidden. As you see below it can be extra free spins, multiplier, extra wilds or a wild symbols covering a whole reel.

secret of the stones video slot

These bonus games are just a few examples, but probably the most common. However, when you start playing at different video slots you’ll see that many machines have a unique bonus game. If you want to learn more about the bonus feature for a slot you’re playing, check the small question mark or information icon that you should be able to find in the menu.