Phoenix Sun

Rise Up the Wealth Scale with the Phoenix Sun Slot

In ancient mythology, the Phoenix was a bird which rose again and again from its own ashes and could never be killed – at least not by human hands. The Phoenix Sun slot takes players back to ancient Egypt – where the story of the phoenix began, and dares players to enter a magical world of exotic gods, pyramids and reincarnations from the flames.

Plenty of Ways to Set Your Winnings on Fire

Made by Quickspin, the Phoenix Sun slot has a total of 7,776 ways to win and has an unusual layout. Most of the time, the screen is divided into three winning lines. But when the Phoenix bonus is triggered, three extra lines are uncovered, multiplying the chances of winning on any given spin. The screen expansion is triggered by “Phoenix Wilds”, which also grant players a series of free spins. But the also have another interesting feature: if you then achieve five Phoenix Wilds, the reels set themselves on fire (graphically, that is), and are reborn with 8 extra spins added to your total. It’s a neat interpretation of the myth, and a great bonus for players as they try to master this exciting machine.

Be a Gambling God with the Phoenix Sun Slot

Other than the Phoenix Wild, expect cards portraying Egyptian gods like Horus (the Sky God), Anubis and Bastet, along with famous rulers like Tutenkhamun and Cleopatra. Most of the time you’ll deal with lower value cards based around familiar playing card values, but when the gods or pharoahs appear, you’re likely to be in the winning zone. So, set your time machine for 3,000 years ago and dive into a world of magic and exotic adventures with the Pharoah Sun slot.