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Here at Dreamz Casino you get the chance to enjoy and take part in unique casino bonuses throughout your whole casino adventure. Bonuses that are tailor-made for you based on what type of games and bonuses you like! Whether you like big chunk deposit bonuses, free spins or bonus money added to your casino account –  Dreamz Casino will be your best friend in your quest for the ultimate casino bonus!

We aim to deliver the best bonuses on the market from serious and trusted online casinos. And whether you are an experienced casino player or completely new to the casino world and looking for an epic bonus to get you off to a good start on your casino adventure, we at Dreamz Casino will make sure to guide you to the right place and to the bonuses that’s best suited for you as a player!

It’s quite safe to say that almost all online casinos today offer some kind of bonus to their customers. Both a welcome package for new players and loyalty bonus for returning customers are quite common. However, bonuses come in many comes in various shapes and forms. So it’s always good to be up to date in order to be able to find the best offer. This is where Dreamz Casino comes into play – we make sure you get the information you need to decide which online casino to choose to maximize your casino adventure with the best casino bonus you can find!


Dreamz Casino – The Quest for the Best Casino Bonus

We have searched every corner of the world on our quest to be able to offer the best available casino bonus on the market. And we are proud to say we succeeded! Here at DreamzCasino, you’ll find an extensive list of amazing casino bonuses in a great variety – deposit bonus, free spin and loads of no deposit bonus offers as well! The only thing you have to do is find a casino that suits your preferences and start spinning those slots!

As you may noted, more and more online casinos pop up each year. And as the casino market get more established the competition is increasing and the companies have to find a way to stand out in the crowd. This is great for you as a casino player, as many companies boost their welcome bonus package to stand out. If we go back a few years you couldn’t find a welcome bonus over 100% matched deposit bonus, and these days it’s a bare minimum for most online casinos. This means you can choose among of a great variety of casino bonuses. 

However, we at Dreamz noticed that a quite a few of these offers have a very high turnover requirement which makes it very difficult to turn your bonus and make a withdrawal to your bank account without losing any bonus money. So if you’ll find a bonus that looks amazing at first sight – be sure to read the terms and condition before you activate it.

If you’re new at the casino scene and want to get to know the basics and gain an insight of what a casino bonus is and what rules generally apply. Then you come to the right place! Below you find in detail how different bonuses and wagering requirement works and what you should bear in mind before you choose to activate it.

Casino Bonus Explanation

A casino bonus is offered to both new and returning customers. It can be described as “extra cash” you get, usually when you make a deposit, a top-up of your bankroll. As a welcome bonus it’s common to get at least a 100% deposit bonus –  so if you make a deposit EUR100 and activate the bonus you’ll get an additional EUR100 added to your casino account.

The bonus money will boost your chance to win, as you have more money to play with. It also gives you the opportunity to try out the slots available and familiar yourself with the casino. But bear in mind that there is usually a wagering requirement you need to fulfil before you’re able to make a withdrawal. More of this down below! 

So why does online casino offer this? Well, basically it’s a way for them to try to recruit you as a customer, a quite common thing in most industries – to give some sort of welcome deal to attract customer – so usually there isn’t anything fishy about it.

There is quite a lot of different variations to choose from – deposit bonus, free spins, cashback, loyalty- and VIP bonuses – the list goes on. But stay calm, our team here at dreamzcasino.com will make sure to guide you to the one that is best suited for you!

Types of Casino Bonuses – Let’s sort it out!

Bonus offers come in all shapes and form you can imagine, so it’s easy to get confused as every casino bonus have a different structure and separate terms and condition. But hey, stay calm! –  we at Dreamz Casino have a long experience from this and we’ll try to guide you through all bonus types and variations there is.

Casino Deposit Bonus

Probably the most common bonus on the market. A deposit bonus is exactly what it sounds like – make a deposit and you’ll receive a matched bonus amount based on which bonus you choose. It’s the percentage of your bonus what determines how much extra money you get. It can vary between 20-300%, but as a new player, you should expect at least 100% bonus to match your deposit.

However, as we mentioned before almost every bonus comes with a wagering requirement, so if you see a bonus offer that sounds too good to be true..that’s probably the case. So make sure to read the terms and conditions so you don’t have to wager the bonus more than 30-35 times.

Re-load Bonus

As a returning customer, you could expect to be offered a so-called Re-load bonus after you used up your welcome bonus and played for a while. It’s usually a deposit bonus as well, but often have a low bonus percentage to match with your deposit, around 20-50% depending on which online casino you choose.

Free Spins Bonus

Free Spins are one of the most popular online casino bonus types there is, and as a casino player, you can expect to be offered it by basically all online casinos out there.  Free spins are quite common to be included in a welcome package which is used to attract new customers. It’s pretty standard that you will get a few free spins just to sign up on at the casino site – which is great for you as a casino player. Basically, you get a chance to win real money without taking any risk at all.

However, most commonly there will be a wagering requirement attached to those ‘just sign up’ free spin winnings. This makes it very difficult to turn your bonus around and qualify it for a withdrawal. But keep in mind that you have nothing to lose – so keep your fingers crossed and go for the free spins. If you want to learn more, swing by our free spins guide!

No Deposit Bonus

It’s not that common to stumble upon a non-deposit bonus, but there actually are a few online casinos who offer this. Basically you get an opportunity to explore the casino and the slots available, and of course get a chance to win real money, without deposit any funds to your casino account! 

It sounds great, right?! Well, there’s really nothing bad about it actually, you get a free shot at winning some extra cash. However, you should be aware that these bonuses will have a wagering requirement attached to it as well. Without it the casinos would lose too much money on it, so it’s a fair deal for both parties.

VIP Bonus

If you’re a loyal customer and play higher stakes than normal you will get the chance to become a VIP. This means you’ll be able to get a few nice perks. First and foremost, you will get exclusive cash back offers, free spins and casino bonuses that usually have a higher bonus amount limit and a higher percentage to match your deposit. Apart from unique VIP bonus offers you also, in most online casinos, get to go first in line when it comes to customer support and finance related queries.

Wagering a casino bonus – the complete guide

Wagering requirements is the amount you need to turn over, play for in the casino before you can make a withdrawal to your bank account without losing any of your bonus money. Next, to all casino bonuses you activate will have a wagering requirement, so make sure to read the terms and condition before you make your deposit and activate it,  as this may vary quite a lot depending on the type of bonus and which online casino you play at.

Often your deposit and the bonus money you receive is counted as the total bonus amount that has to be turned over. So the formula for this looks consists of: Wagering requirement x (bonus + deposit).

So let’s say you make a deposit of EUR10 and activate a bonus of 100% with the wagering requirement of 30 times. This gives you a total bonus amount of EUR20 that you need to wager 30 times.

Example: 30 (wagering requirement) x EUR20 (casino bonus) = EUR600 that you need to wager in the casino.

The best way to wager a casino bonus?

Okay, now we’ve concluded that we have to play to wager the casino bonus, to bet real money on some sort of games in the casino – but what slots and games should you go for? The thing is, different games and slots have a different percentage count towards your wagering, so it’s important to take that into consideration when you want to wager your bonus that you choose the correct slots machines. 

Wager your bonus on Slots – 100%

The fastest and best way is to hit the slot machines. In most cases, both video slots and classic slots are counted as 100% towards your wagering. So if you place a bet of EUR10 on a slot machine you’ve wager  EUR10 of your bonus amount.  However, there are some exceptions so it could be wise to read the terms and condition for the bonus you had in mind.

Wager your bonus on Table Games – 5%

Generally, for blackjack, roulette and other types of table games the percentage count is usually only around 5%. So if you choose to wager your casino bonus at a table game you’ll be required to play for large sums, for a long time. We recommend you to stay on slot machines!